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Combo Set
* Berserker *
Gunblade (lvl 45) (3 slots)
Axe (lvl 40) (3 slots)
Blunt (lvl 40) (3 slots)
Gloves [Light Armor] (lvl 40) (1 slot)
Chest [Light/Heavy Armor] (lvl 40) (3 slots)
Acessory (lvl 40) (4 slots)

Set Bonus
10% Life Leech

Chest (lvl 60) (3 slots)
Gloves (lvl 60) (1 slot)
Boots (lvl 60) (1 slot)

Set Bonus
Gain Max Movement Speed

Chest (lvl 60) (3 slots)
Gloves (lvl 60) (1 slot)
Boots (lvl 60) (2 slots)

Set Bonus
Gain Max Movement Speed

Red Lion
2Hand Sword (lvl 65) (6slots)
Shield (lvl 65) (6 slots)
Accessory (lvl 55) (6 slots)
Winged Headgear (lvl 58) (3slots)

Set Bonus
10% Life and Mana leech

Eruption Dagger (lvl 65) (6slots)
Thunderstorm Gun (lvl 60) (3 slots)
Accessory (lvl 55) (6 slots)

Set Bonus
10% Life Leech
Must equip 2 dagger or 2 gun to receive its bonus

Dagger (lvl 58) (6 slots)
Headgear (lvl 65) (3 slots)
Accessory (lvl 55) (6 slots)

Set Bonus

Wig, Top, Sweep
Headgear (lvl 25) (3 slots)
Chest (lvl 25) (3 slots)
Boots (lvl 25) (1 slot)

Set Bonus
Change in appearance, use in quest in Humming City

Note: must equipped 3 set item at the same time to gain the bonus.
Tips and Tricks:
How to unlock Gunblader Profession?
Finish the arena. You must have the Mark of Champion in order for you to talk to Leonnile about gunblades. He is on the upper left side room in the inn. After talking to him, you will receive the Gunblading quest. All you have to do is to finish the arena once again. After finishing the Arena, talk to Leonnile again and you will be able to unlock gunblader profession.

How to unlock Elementalist Profession?
Unlock the Gunblader Profession first. Then finish the game. After the game reset, you will go back to the start where you will meet Calmon. Wait until you come to point in the game that you will be making a pact. There you will be able to unlock Elementalist Profession.

Inventory Full Trick
make all your items amount to 99, make no room for other items except for the equipments, this would make the probability of having a rare item in the "RANDOM ITEMS CHEST" that could be found in the ARENA, the left side CENTRAL LIBRARY, and from Francois,

save before you open the "RANDOM ITEMS CHEST", sometimes, it would prompt you "insufficient inventory space". just repeat the steps and eventually youwill be able to get an item from that chest.

How to enter Aquila's Nest? You need to kill all the BOSSES in the temple. There are 3 bosses, one the left side, at the bottom and at the right side.

After defeating all bosses, you may be able to enter AQUILA’S nest.

Treasure Maps and Treasure

1st fragment: lighthouse in Melon City
2nd fragment: Swamp (South)
3rd fragment: Boneyard (North)
4th fragment: Path of Suffering

You may find the treasure at the SWAMP. Get the treasure and return to Francoise in HUMMING CITY.

Heroes Lore Zero Rare Items ListItem Type
L= Lore item
R= Rare item
CS= Combo set

W= Warrior
K= Knight
G= Gunslinger
A= Assasin
E= Elementalist
GB= Gunblader

Rare Items can be acquired through 3 mediums:

1. Drop/Chest Item:
Nature's Fury (R)(lvl30)(3slot)(K)
LongTube Harrier (R)(lvl35)(3slot)(G)
Berserker's Sword (CS)(lvl40)(3slot)(K)
Berserker's Hammer (CS)(lvl40)(3slot)(K)
Twin Falcon (R)(lvl45)(3slot)(G)
Blood Maiden (R)(lvl45)(3slot)(K)
Giant (L)(lvl48)(6slot)(GB)
Blazing Sword (L)(lvl48)(6slot)(W)
Eagle Cal45 (L)(lvl48)(6slot)(G)
Destructor's Axe (L)(lvl48)(3slot)(W)
Tigers Sudden Strike (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(GB)
Hammer of Judgement (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(K)
Death Cleaver (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(W)
Falcon Magnum (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(G)
Sword of Mercy (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(K)
Maker's Hand (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(A/E)
Ruler's Axe (L)(lvl53)(6slot)(W)
Black Harpy (R)(lvl55)(3slot)(G)
Sudden Strike (CS)(lvl60)(3slot)(A/E)

2. Quest Item

Frostwave Sword (R)(lvl35)(3slot)
Heartbreaker (R)(lvl35)(3slot)(W)
Berserker's Great Sword (CS)(lvl40)(3slot)(W)
Hellhound (R)(lvl45)(3slot)(A/E)
Worm Emblem Sword (R)(lvl50)(4slot)(W)
Soul Cruncher (L)(lvl58)(6slot)(W)

3. Fusion Item
Black Iron Rapier
Stone Shortsword (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(A/E)
FMC DH (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(G)
Double Mace (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(K)
Chimera's Fang (L)(lvl25)(6slot)
Parabellum (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(W)
Red Lions Great Sword (CS)(lvl65)(6slot)(W)
Hyena's Sudden Strike (R)(lvl51)(6slot)(GB)
Blitzblane (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(K)
Thor's Hammer (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(K)
Blood Plague (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(W)
Hail Barrage (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(G)

Rare Item acquisition based on game mode:

Normal mode
Lvl 25-40 item
Expert mode
Lvl 40-50 item
Hell mode
Lvl 48-60 item

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